Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day with the Bennetts at Hampton Court Palace

After a wonderful service at their local church, I went with my lovely hosts, the Bennett family, to Hampton Court Palace for the afternoon... Here we are on the way: Sarah and Dave with twins Katherine and Jonathan and little brother Matthew:
So, Hampton Court Palace was where Henry VIII lived, and so there was a section on him and his prolific amount of wives: here is Katherine pointing out that she has the same name as his first wife: Katherine of Aragon: (and can you remember the 6 ways he got rid of them - divorced beheaded died, divorced beheaded survived...)
The first thing we did was the amazing MAZE:
And Jonathan lead us very well all the way to the centre:
After that we walked around the grounds: and on our way round encountered this chap, decked out in Tudor garb: little did we know there were loads of these actors around and we were in for a treat!
Inside the palace there were characters of all shapes and sizes acting out different scenes: Below is a lady with her falcon:
Anne Boleyn (on the horse):
 And Henry VIII:

Once the King and Queen left, there was a whole court case with the guilty party ending up in the stocks with a "helmet of shame" on her head...
And there was even some free wine for all of us who wanted:
We also took a look around some of the palace interior. Here are King Jonathan and Queen Katherine in the Great Hall:
But I think my favourite photo of the day has to be this one of Matthew enjoying being King for a moment: what a cutie!
As you can see I had a wonderful day with the Bennetts at Hampton Court Palace :-)

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