Monday, July 30, 2012

Lamb at Krupa...

So, in order to understand, turning a lamb on a spit is a tradition which Bosnians take quite seriously. It is usually done on holidays (like Prvi Maj) or in our case because Igor has been dreaming of it while working hard over the summer... He worked previously at the campsite in Krupa na Vrbasu and the manager offered him a place to make a rostilj (braai/BBQ) with friends whenever he wanted... so this weekend that is what we did! It was a lovely day and we had a great time - staying almost 12 hours!

The lamb was bought direct from the farmer (who helped put it on the spit). We all took turns doing the turning of the spit: I don't have pics of all of us: Here is Igor:
Zvjezdan: (the people staying in the tents were out for the day!)
 And yes, even I gave it go:
After almost 5 hours of slow cooking it was time to give the meat a rest for 10 minutes... (Goran and Igor with lambie)
 Lambie enjoying the view before we dig in...
And sorry - I don't have any pics of all of us enjoying the food... you will just have to enjoy this last pic of lambie sticking out its tongue at you ;-)

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