Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hiking with Lea and Gaga

Lea is here visiting from Finland and she wanted to take Gaga on a hike that she did when she lived here. I tagged along with them... Starting in the Suturlija valley, we then walked up the hill to the top of Sibovi and it took us around 3 hours for us to walk the 10 or so kilometres. Here are some pictures (thanks to Lea!) of the scenery:

And it wouldn't be Lea's pictures if there wasn't some detail of flowers or something: 
There were some scary (for some) bits: Here is Gaga getting across the "bridge":
And me hamming it up on my way across...
But here is a picture of us just to prove we were actually having a good time: with the farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in the background:
Coming out of the jungle:
To the top of Sibovi hill. I am pointing out the big hospital:
 And finally a picture of Lea (with Gaga):
And then we went home via Switzerland: well, it felt like it when we saw this house:
It was a lovely hike, but I definitely need to get a bit fitter before trying it again!

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