Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ukus Tajlanda/Taste of Thailand

My American friend Rebecca is here for two weeks, and so I immediately thought of ways to use her amazing abilities to do many things well... And one of the things we did was have a cultural evening last night based on Thai food (which she can cook VERY well!).

About 25 people came along to find out a little bit more about Thai food and culture. Here is all the food (and can you spot the Thai flag?):
 This is Nam Tok a SPICY pork "salad" with sticky rice:
Then here was Tom Yam, a spicy chicken and mushroom soup, served with jasmine rice:
And my favourite (as I don't like spicy), the fried rice...with chicken and egg:
Everyone tucking in...
Seal of approval from Irena and Sofija :-)
As you can tell, the Thais like RICE, and so after enjoying the food and hanging out a bit outside, we moved inside for a presentation on the harvesting of rice. Rebecca has just spent two years in Thailand, and during that time she harvested rice, so she was able to tell us first hand what that is like:
And afterwards everyone was curious to find out more about her experiences in Thailand:
So, if you are planning a visit to me here in Banja Luka, please realise it will be a working visit...:-)

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