Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's go bowling!

Last night, we took 12 of the pre-teens from the Children's Home to the bowling alley for an outing as part of the book club project. I wanted to take them to the cinema but there wasn't anything that we could take kids to, so bowling it was! The bowling alley, which is quite new, really came through and gave us 3 lanes for an hour for nothing! It was a lot of fun, and I wish that I had load of photos of the faces of the kids when they got a strike or a spare or even managed to knock anything down... but it was dark and they were busy trying to make use of the hour, so no real photos! Oh well. Here is Mile pretending to throw for me while they unblocked their lane...
Afterwards I treated everyone to a cool-drink at the bar, and there managed to get some photos... but if you know pre-teens, you know they can be fickle about having their photos taken (esp the boys) and so I didn't even get many good ones then: You can see the alley in the background of the first picture:
Dajana, Stana, Dragana, Sofija, Dijana, Bozana, Tanja and her daughter, Ana
Zlatko, Natasa, Natasa and Stana
David (never going to get a good photo of him!), Tomo, Ljilja, Mile and Brane
Even though some of the boys lost it during the evening (they are very competitive and so losing didn't got down well), we managed to have a great time... And it was actually quite good for some of the not-so-athletic kids' self-esteem, as they were able to do quite well! I was too busy playing "policeman" and "peacemaker" to play myself, which is probably a good thing as my famous feat is getting a gutter ball in the next lane over: but I did notice that one of the boys managed to do the same thing!! So not so bad after all...

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