Saturday, June 09, 2012

Father's Day has new meaning for me now

Tomorrow is Father's Day in many parts of the world. But today is another kind of Father's Day to me. It has been one year since I got the message from Mom that Dad had passed away. The doctors had done everything to save him from the pneumonia that killed him, but finally his heart just gave out.

My brother and sister were both on planes already, on their way from Canada and the UK, so they were greeted with the sad news on arrival. I was scheduled to fly out the next day. All of us arrived too late to see Dad that one last time, but in time to be with Mom and help plan and carry out his funeral. And just be together as a family during that hard time.

I can't believe it has already been a whole year since that crazy time, when I was just showered by grace by all the people I cancelled on in order to go home and be with my family. My diary was completely booked out, but everyone said "get on the plane" and so I did... And I am forever grateful that I did. We all needed that time together to process and grieve and start to find the "new normal" as a family.

I am constantly reminded of Dad through big things and small. Big things like the fact that he now has a granddaughter (my brother's daughter, Hope, was born in May) who will never get to know him. I never knew my Dad's dad (who died even before my sister was born) and so I know what that is like.

In small things like the adverts for "buy your dad 'such and such' for Father's Day"... not just because it is for Father's Day, but because he used to scan and send us those kind of adverts (or stick them up around the house in the days before his scanner!) just to make sure we wouldn't forget!

And we never did. And now I never will forget today's date either: Father's Day has a whole new meaning for me...

This post is for everyone who has their own "special" Father's Day date. And to those who still have their dads to celebrate Father's Day with tomorrow, enjoy them and treasure them, you never know how long you will have with them on this side...

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