Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day outing to Jajce...

Bec has been here a week and it has been mostly work work work all the time... so, we decided yesterday to take some time off and get out of Banja Luka to see some more of Bosnia. We travelled over the mountain "Manjaca" which has some lovely views, but you really can't capture them in a photo... Our first stop was the water mills on the Pliva river:
Then we stopped off for coffee at my friend Sedija's house. She was one of the people who helped a LOT with my language learning in Zenica (she was living there as a refugee when I was there...and had lots of time, so I would be often at her house with my little yellow dictionary!). She has now rebuilt her house in Jajce and I hadn't made it there yet to visit. So, with Bec wanting genuine Bosnian coffee, and me wanting to see her, we combined the two! The dog is "Lola" and is VERY cute!
And of course we couldn't just have coffee, so we came away with full tummies after pita (pie) and salad:
We then went to look at some of the attractions of Jajce: the waterfall:
And the fortress and old town:
Before enjoying some "real" cevapi: (in Banja Luka it is very different and I prefer this kind!!!)
Then it was time to head home again... stopping off to take pics along the way: this is the Vrbas river which also flows through Banja Luka, but in between here (and this emerald green) there are a couple of dams... so we don't have this colour water in Banja Luka!
Proof that Bec was actually with me! She took all the photos (and thanks to her for giving them to me!) as I didn't take my camera and she only likes taking her own picture like this:
The last stop was at Krupa Falls...
Here is inside the mill: making corn flour using just water power! 
And there was just time to buy fresh flour from my friend, the mill guy, before heading back to Banja Luka! What a lovely day!

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