Saturday, June 09, 2012

Children's Theatre outing...

All of us waiting to go in... 13 kids and 8 volunteers!
Today we took some of the younger children from the orphanage to the Children's Theatre in Banja Luka. The theatre gave us free seats which was phenomenal. The play was an adaptation of the Brothers Grimm's "The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids", and it was done with just four actors using masks and puppets: And they did a fantastic job...the kids sat in their seats and didn't stir the whole show! (and there was plenty in there to keep us adults happy as well!)
Afterwards one of our volunteers had organised for us to go to her sister's cafe and have juice and sweets and popcorn before heading back to the orphanage... Here are some pics:
Sisters: Danijela and Kristina

Volunteer Natasa with Dragana
Sara and Stana

I am sorry I didn't get more pictures, but I was having too good a time ;-)

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