Sunday, June 03, 2012


I haven't really had a full-on celebration of my birthday since 2007. I always have some sort of something, but I haven't had a real "party" since then... And so this year, I decided to remedy that. I decided to have people over to the Ihtus Centre, where there is more space and lots of things for the kids to do. It was a lot of fun!

Two of my friends, Inga and Alen made me a cake: It was so cute!! (to be precise, it was Inga that made it, but Alen's idea!) It is a raspberry cheesecake and the decorations are out of wild strawberries, YUM!
Here I am with them and the cake:
And here I am with the kids blowing out the candles on that cake:
Unfortunately some of the kids missed the first cake's candles*, and so we did the candles again on the my cake as well: (ok, it was a little bit for the kids, but mostly because I still love blowing candles out: I know, I am quite sad for a 38 year old!)
We mostly sat and chatted and ate: I made scones and sausage rolls and they went down really well!
And later some more people arrived, including some unexpected (but extremely welcome) guests from Serbia!
 We hardly saw the kids all day what with all the Centre has to offer:
And I didn't forget that it is the Queen's Jubilee weekend: Besides the very British scones and sausage rolls, we had the flag hung outside. And Ljilja really got into the swing of things with her outfit:)
Celebrating is good, and spending time with good friends is always fun! I had a great day and I think that everyone else did too!

*funny story of the day is that I forgot the candle I had bought to use for the cake: it was in the shape of a "?": mainly because I couldn't find a 3 and an 8! And it leaves people guessing;-) But it was at home, so we sent Bojan and Bojana to go find some "3" and "8" candles. It was a bit harder than we thought and they took a LONG time, but succeeded in the end... but in the meantime Alen and Inga brought their cake and guess what, candles "3" and "8"! So, to honour poor Bojan and Bojana, I decided we had to blow out the candles again for them at least (and okay for me as well ;-)


Going Dutch said...

Looks like you had a great Birthday Belinda! So awesome that so many of your friends there made so much effort for your bday =) I love the cake, sounds so yummy! And so decorated so nicely!
Happy Birthday and all the best for the year ahead!
Love Justin & Bronwen x

Shilo said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday! That makes me happy!

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