Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bringing South Africa to Bosnia...

I have been planning to run a South African evening at the EKC Ihtus Centre for a LONG time. I had all the stuff, it was just not easy to find a time to do it. But finally everything came together for us to run it last night. I realised that it wasn't particularly representative of ALL of the different cultures of South Africa, but rather it was "my" South Africa - but I figure that that is ok, as it is all different from here...
And some of the food was indeed very different: Springbok and Ostrich biltong (which is dried spiced meat - like beef jerky, but MUCH better) and the scones I made with rooibos tea so they were very South African:
Springbok biltong
Ostrich biltong
Scones from rooibos tea...mmm
and sausage rolls!
Everyone digging in...
and seal of approval from Srdjan
There was plenty of time to hang out and enjoy the lovely evening:

Ljilja worked hard getting the drinks for everyone...
...while Rebecca took all of the photos (thanks Bec!) amongst other things... (and thanks to Ljilja for this photo of Bec, otherwise we wouldn't have proof that she was there... :-)
After finishing up that food, it was time for the desert: "Transkei Mud". This is made with whipped cream, caramel, mint chocolate, and coconut biscuits and it is YUMMY!!!!!
Then we had the South Africa QUIZ:
As you can see below, everyone took it very seriously (well, other than Drazen!)... The winner managed to get all the answers except one right, and she took away a lovely prize of a vuvuzela, some real South African rusks and a couple of other small souvenir items... (and I didn't get her picture, sorry)
It really was a great evening, and we stayed and hung out with people until after 10.30!

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