Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Club prizegiving

This year we gave all the children who had participated (24 of them) a prize for being a part of the Book Club project. In addition, we also gave special prizes to 7 of the children: "best reader", "best new member", "most improved" and then 4 "special mentions".

Then we got the kids to line up to get their prizes: family 1:
 And family 2:
 Here is Tanja giving Dijana her prize:
 Us with Bozana and her prize:
And an actual normal photo of us with David (he hates having his photo taken!):
 Then it was time for them to see what they got!!!
And  we actually managed to get a great photo of all of us:
I don't know who enjoyed it more: us or the kids!!!

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