Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blogging for books review: Not this time

Vicki Hinze’s Not This Time is book number three in her Crossroads Crisis Center series. The books starts with a gas attack which kills one person during a renewal of vows ceremony in a small town in Florida. Without giving the whole plot away, the story continues when Sara’s new husband is then kidnapped. Sara, a self-made millionaire is fragile and not in good health, so her business partner and best friend, Beth, attempts to solve the kidnapping (helping this FBI) so that she can bring the case to a close. They discover that an international secret terrorist group is involved. As the novel continues it turns out that all the people in the town are involved one way or another and the crimes are much more convoluted than just a simple kidnapping.

Although I ultimately enjoyed the book, it wasn’t an easy read. I know that authors need to make some leaps in the plot in suspense novels, but the plot line had me suspending my disbelief a little too much for a little too long. Almost every person in this small town is somehow involved in a secret terrorist organisation that is supposed to be worldwide and high-reaching? 

Also, even though she does a good job catching you up on the characters (this is a series), unless you read the books before this one (which I hadn’t) there is a LOT of catch-up: and in the beginning I was really struggling with who was who. The plot came to a good conclusion, and the message of this book was very positive, and the characters are well written drawing you in and making you enjoy the book.

So, if you want a good series, and are able to suspend your disbelief, start with book one and two, and then go ahead and read this book…

I received this book free through bloggingforbooks.com, but this opinion is entirely my own.

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