Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Apsolvent" evening

Last night it was the final year ball for students entering their final year of university. Once you have been to all the lectures in the first 4 years, then you enter your "apsolvent" year and just have to write all the exams and your thesis to get your degree.

Now, in 2008 I went to go see Sofija and Igor for their "matura" (prom) when they finished high school, see here. Now, both of them are entering their final year and so were celebrating last night along with people from their (economic) and other faculties. So, despite the on-and-off-again down-pouring rain, I decided I had to go and see Sofi and Igor and see them looking all spiffy, before they went to their party. Here I am with Sofi and Drazen (who came along as well!):
And here I am looking really small (and I am standing on my toes!) next to Sofi and Igor: 
Congratulations to both of them for working so hard and making it this far... here's to finishing everything just as well!

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