Tuesday, May 29, 2012

YWAM Central Europe Staff Gathering

How to sum up the YWAM CESG?: Not easily - it was 4 days with 150 people in a fantastic place with great speakers and informative workshops, lovely times of worship, fun fellowship in the pool, and everything going (mostly) smoothly...

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what it was like: We started off in a smaller group (about 70 of us) of leaders for the first day:
Then we were joined by another 80 people, and our main speaker for the weekend was YWAM England's leader, Carl Tinnion:
He was a fantastic speaker, and he also had a lot of visual aids which definitely helped us to remember what he was talking on: Pioneering and Partnerships: 

We also had great times of worship: The worship team was made up of people from all over: Finland, Serbia, Romania, Sweden and the US and they were amazing! Before they got the drums up, they were helped by a father and son team from the UK, below right (Arran, 2, is soooo cute!).

The place was phenomenal: The Calvary Chapel Conference Centre in Vajta, Hungary: It is a former Castle, and it is beautiful!

And there is a huge swimming pool! 
I was one of the logistical team and ended up doing a lot of work, but it was all good. I was a bit concerned that things would not go too well when on the night before we started, when only 4 (early) people were expected, 3 of them had problems on the way to the centre! But luckily it ended up being the only big glitch, and after that it went smoothly. I connected with a lot of people from all over, and it was a great conference for me overall.

On the one afternoon I was returning from my room when I spotted the kids having their faces painted (there was a great child care team!!). One of the kids asked me if I wanted to have mine done, and I said "of course". So, Melanie (below with me and Lumi) painted some lovely flowers on my face. While she was painting my face: "you are beautiful" and I said "yes and I am even more beautiful with the face paint" and she said "no you are the same beautiful with and without the face paint"... So precious!! (and good for my ego:-)
And then on the way from Vajta to Budapest after the conference, my friend, Rebecca and I were waiting at Vajta train station, which is VERY small. We were the only ones in the station besides the rail guard, who had a very big mustache and old style conductor like hat. As the train approached, he turned on the PA system and made the official announcement in Hungarian that it was our train: It was just us, we don't speak Hungarian (which he knew), but he still did the announcement just for us! Love it!

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