Saturday, May 12, 2012

What to do with 7 pre-school kids on a sunny day!

I have been wanting to organise another "outing" for the Children's Home's pre-school kids since last September when we took them to the aquarium. I even had a place in mind and bought some fun stuff to do, but just could never find a free sunny Saturday. And finally this week, the weather forecast for Saturday was clear, I was free, and so we finally got the chance to entertain the 7 pre-school kids at EKC Ihtus.

And luckily we also managed to scrounge up enough eager volunteers to help... And I think the kids had a phenomenal day. We started off with jumping on the trampoline, and swinging on the swings...
Dragana enjoying the trampoline

it can get a messy, but that is part of the fun!

I think they would have done that all day if we had let them. But it was hot, and so we had to cool them down and get them into the shade for a while... So, Nevena told them a story:

While Ljilja looked after little Suza, who turned two just this week:
Once Nevena finished the story, we played "follow the leader", before it was time for the chalk. We made a lovely picture, but I didn't remember to get a picture of it :-( Here is Miki showing how it is done: 
I found these lovely masks in South Africa on sale after Christmas, and I couldn't resist getting them for this group as I knew that one day we would be doing this outing to Ihtus... They absolutely loved them: Here are the bees: aka Vaso and Nemanje

It isn't as easy as it looks: trying to stick the dots on the ladybirds: 
But once they were done, they didn't come off! Kiki and Gaga on the swings:
And here we all are: with proof that it isn't always easy to take pics of kids!
After all this time of thinking about and organising it, it was fantastic to see this day all come together. And a HUGE thank-you to all our lovely volunteers who helped us give these kids a day to remember!

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