Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ohrid, Macedonia

On Tuesday, we travelled 16 hours to Ohrid, (FYR)Macedonia to take part in Fida's Balkan Business Consultation. There were about 50 of us from all over the Western Balkans:
The Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian table (for translation): Some people paying more attention than others...
And some people on the other side of the room were catching up on their shut-eye: (I could have kept this to blackmail Rami, but I couldn't resist putting it on here...) {In his defense, he was one of the drivers on that 16 hour trip}.
I was also there to run one of the workshops: using a shortened version of one of the modules of the BEST Business training to give the participants an idea of what is like! It went really well and I now have lots of invitations to run the training all over the place...
It wasn't all work: We did get to enjoy the scenery of Lake Ohrid right across from the hotel :-) Isn't this a lovely sunset? Here are Elvira, Dragana, me and Ljilja:
And we got to spend one afternoon in Ohrid old town: Souvenirs anyone?
The harbour:
The fortress on the hill:
 And me under a tree:
And then one last photo to prove how crazy the Finns are... Despite the fact that it was freezing cold (and rainy most of the time as well), little Elina was determined to go swimming anyway: I was on the beach with about 4 layers on and still cold... but she was loving it!

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