Saturday, May 12, 2012

Children's Home Book Club visits to the Library

So that the children have books to read for the "book club" we take them to the library every other week. There is a fantastic Children's library in Banja Luka and lots of books to choose from. Since Ihtus got a kombi (van) at the end of last year, I have been driving it to pick up the kids, so it has been a lot "easier" as we don't have to rely on the home's kombi for transport. Of course driving 9 or 10 kids in a kombi is never easy, but it does mean we can go regularly and all the kids that want to go can go. And "teta Belinda" gets to go against the norm here, as a woman driving a kombi is definitely not something often seen here!!

I go twice in one day and take two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (here they have two school shifts so the kids that go to afternoon school go in the morning to the library and vice verse). First they choose the books that they want with our and the librarian's help. We keep a record of what they are reading so we can see who is reading what. Then the older kids go on the internet, while we do some fun stuff with the younger kids.

Since we now have more littler kids, it was getting a bit much for just Tanja and I to handle, and Nevena was looking for a place to volunteer with us, so we included her in the mix: And it has been a welcome addition. Here she is telling the kids a story:
And another: I love the face that Gaga (in the middle)  is making in both photos: totally engaged!
I love this part of the project because it gets the kids out of the Home for a bit and shows them the magic of books, and stories... and hopefully we are setting them up with the habit of reading regularly which is a great practice to have in life!

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