Monday, April 16, 2012

Veni, vidi, reliqui...

Or actually: "Venerunt, viderunt, reliquerunt...". Yes, they came, they saw and they left... I was blessed with a visit from four Americans (currently working in Kona, Hawaii) for two nights on their trip around Europe checking out what work is happening in those countries. They are exploring options for bringing teams into Europe in the future... and it looks like they may come back to Banja Luka, which would be great!
Kristi, Calvin, Krister and Camille - the K squad!
Even though they came at Orthodox Easter and so not much was going on, it was great to have them (and luckily Ljilja was away so they could all hunker down in our house...). They had already been two months on the road around Europe from Portugal to Sweden and down to Macedonia and Albania. They left this morning on the bus to Zagreb and they will then carry on to Vienna and Prague and other places before heading back to the US... It was great fun having them come stay and I was sad to see them go - as were they to leave I think:
looking sad because they are leaving Banja Luka ;-(

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