Saturday, April 28, 2012

South African movie night for Freedom Day!

Yesterday was Freedom Day in South Africa. The day when we celebrate the first free elections in 1994 when everyone in the country could vote (before that, under apartheid, the majority Black population were denied the vote).

I decided, as it coincided with Movie Night day (last Friday of the month!), that we would watch something about South Africa... and hopefully about apartheid or the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. So, it was quite exciting to find this movie "In My Country" or "The Country of my Skull" as it dealt with both quite well. I didn't watch the movie beforehand, so I got to enjoy the movie along with everyone else... there were 14 of us, and we watched in English with English subtitles.

It is quite a heavy movie (dealing with a heavy subject it can't not be), but I still felt it left you feeling lighter at the end and not depressed... so all in all a good watch.We also had a really good discussion afterwards, and so I think everyone had a good time!

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Dino said...

Happy belated Freedom Day! It's good to hear of a South African serving in mission overseas. We have the privilege of serving in your beautiful homeland and are grateful to God for this!

I've just started following your blog on Google Friend Connect.

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