Sunday, April 01, 2012

Kid's Action Day

April Fools' Day saw us acting like fools for the Kid's Action Day for our project children (and their friends). 70 children, loads of volunteers, and lots of fun...  

Ljilja doing a good job with the introduction and "the rules": 
Then we sang some songs: Here I am teaching "Dobih mir kao rijeka" ("I've got peace like a river") with Rami and Irena:
After the songs we had a drama. David was trying (unsuccessfully) to become Dragana's friend: Yes, he is a cigarette, and he was explaining all the "advantages" that he could give her (like bad breath, yellow teeth, cancer...etc, etc).
Come on I can be really good for you!

After the first part of the program, it was time for the different workshops. The children can choose where they go and wait for their turn at that workshop. Here are some of the 12 workshops: 
Boki trying hard at fan basketball
Mihajlo taking a break from sword-fighting

Danijela after being at the beauty salon ;-)

Craft table
Sergej showing his crafts
And Tanja and I were running one of the more popular workshops: "Sweets the Chinese Way": the kids can put as many sweets onto the plate using chopsticks in 15 seconds... and then they get to eat them ;-) (can you tell why it was popular!):
After over an hour and a half of workshops (which passed in a FLASH) we went back to the hall. And another lesson on the dangers of smoking: The children were each given a small straw and had to breathe through it (that is why they are holding their noses) while running one ring around the hall. This is what the lungs of a smoker are like, and it was a good lesson - it is very hard to run around breathing through a straw!
Then it was time for prizes and a group picture...
...before we said goodbye and headed home after a really fun day! Kudos to the Rami and Katja-Maaria, the other Finns and everyone else involved for organising a fantastic day. And thanks to all the moms and volunteers for making it go so well!

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