Friday, April 13, 2012

Egg colouring...

Today is Orthodox Good Friday and I was invited over to the Vojnovic's to colour eggs with them: We did a whole lot of different ways of colouring eggs... Among other things you need paint, dye, stickers, onion skins, leaves, stockings:
And willing helpers: Snjeza, me and Bojan: (and yes I came prepared with the apron so I wouldn't mess! They thought that was hilarious!)
Bojan got bored quickly with the painting, leaving just Snjeza and I (and Tanja when she wasn't dying the other eggs or making the lunch):
Here I am finishing up one of my creations:
Then it was time to make the "leaf/onion skin" dyed eggs. Put a leaf on the egg, put it in a stocking and repeat until you finish the stocking and dye it all in a pot of onion skins:
Here is Tanja with some of the eggs and the basket:
And a close-up of the eggs - can you spot the ones done in the onion skins? The writing is "Snjeza" and "Bojan" in Cyrillic script. And now see if you can find the chicks on the one egg, and the bee on another ;-) Yes, I had a very creative afternoon!
It was such a fun afternoon! Thanks guys for including me in your colouring!

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