Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter at the Children's Home 2012

So, we were supposed to be going to the Children's Home to colour eggs with them today, but like all things with the home, it was changed last minute as they coloured eggs on Thursday instead. So, seeing as the kids were expecting us, and our volunteers were already excited about coming to colour eggs, I quickly scrambled around and came up with some fun creative things to do with the kids instead... And enlisted the help of the two Tanja's and Irena to be "presenters" of the activities, so I could carry out the role of "fire putter outer": making sure the kids behaved and keeping an eye on everything... we had lots of volunteers come to help, and I must admit that it was the best workshop we have run at the Home EVER!

So, what did we make? We started off with chicks: with wings made out of the hands of the child. Here is volunteer Milijana with little Mira showing off hers: 
We then moved onto making egg trees, which Slavisa is showing below along with his chick and the angel on the table. I had to tell the kids that the eggs are on the tree because the chickens laid them there - eggs don't grow on trees! But actually the tree reminds us of the cross which Jesus died upon and the eggs are symbols of new life: just as we have new life through Jesus's death.
The angel - close up below - is to remind us of the empty tomb (and thanks to Taryn Hayes for the great idea for the angels on her blog) because Jesus wasn't there, and an angel told the women that He had risen from the dead!!  
Of course not all of the kids got the symbolism, but everyone enjoyed themselves. Here is Stefan with his creations:
And me with little Sara and hers. She is just in the first grade but is so clever! And sooooo sweet. She is one of the ones I would adopt in a second if it were possible...
We also made a big tree (thanks to all the Finns for their help with that!) with each child making one big egg for that. Here is Snjeza, Bozana and I showing it off (and Luka showing off his chick): (thanks to Tanja for this pic):
The kids had a great time, the volunteers and I with them and we got to share some of the joy of Easter on a very rainy afternoon!


Taryn said...

Ah! What fun you all had. The kids look like they had a blast. May the message of the cross sink deep in their hearts! Love that the angels translate from Christmas to Easter so well :-)

Belinda Chaplin said...

Thanks Taryn! Yes, it was a bit of stretch with the angels for Easter, but I won't be here for Christmas... and it was all pretty last minute! (and I got the doilies from my Gran's house when I was last home... so I was ready!)

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