Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finding the silver lining

I have been quite busy lately, hence the non-blogging, but just when I thought it couldn't get any busier... my plan for yesterday was 1) get an invitation letter for someone from the Philippines who wants to visit with her Danish husband 2) go to English bible study 3) Celebrate my friend Tanja's birthday with her 4) go to our home group 5) go to a meeting with new volunteers with Ihtus. But already there was a problem with number 1) when I discovered that the Dane hadn't sent me one piece of vital information, so I emailed him to ask him to send it to me. So, when I saw a foreign number on my phone I thought it was him...

It wasn't. It was a group of young people with the same organisation I work with, YWAM. They had come from Germany and were trying to get to Bosnia. However, they didn't have the right papers for the kombi they were in and so were stuck in Croatia. Long story short I set off with my trusty (and equally crazy) Finnish colleague, Miika, to the border (about 35-40 minutes away) in our organisation's kombi to try and pick them up. I would miss the English bible study, but hopefully would make it back in time (with them in tow!) to the other things - which I did, but sans the young people - read on!

Now, in the rush to get things together for all that I had to do (and keys and a phone for them, etc), I did not remember to take my passport. Yes, I know... silly me. So, when they were not on our side of the border as arranged, poor Miika (who took it quite well) went across to see whether he could find them. And he did. In the time it took them to find a place to stash their kombi and come back with Miika, I was wandering around the lovely town of Gradiska. Even though the below phone picture doesn't do it justice, I was blown away by the beauty in the sky. The clouds all had rays coming down and I was once again reminded that in all of this craziness there is always a silver lining. God is behind the clouds sometimes, but He is always there.
Once they got to the Bosnian side of the border, they struck problem number two. They were a group from Germany, but international, and one of their number, a lovely Indian guy named Solomon, needed a visa for Bosnia. And there was no way to get him into the country. Sorry. The Bosnians are quite strict like that. I even tried calling a buddy of mine in the office for foreigners and he told me the same thing. So, after meeting them for a little bit, I literally had to watch them go back across the border (once again with Miika, the legend!) and that was that. It was good to meet them, and some of them even said they may be back, so there is already a glimpse of the silver lining in all of this craziness... but oh my, what a day!

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