Saturday, March 17, 2012

Business training can be fun!

We finished up the last two modules of the BEST business training for the CISO group on Thursday and Friday. It was one of my best groups, and we really had a lot of fun. The "RED" group even appropriately changed their name to "fRiEnDly" which was very true :-)

negotiations don't have to be hard work
It was interesting to see what they came up with for the practical businesses during the two week break: from making jewelry to selling liqueur, preparing a "social" lunch to selling homemade cosmetics, they all really got to taste what it is like to run your own small business. Here we are at break time sampling some of that "liqueur" (which she made with a liquorice-tasting sweet called "bronhi")...
Drazen joined us for the break!

And here are all of us: We did have two guys in the beginning, but both dropped out, so it was just us girls in the end. Thanks to Ljilja and Tanja (left front and back) for helping out:
We always give out evaluations at the end. Here are what some of them had to say:

-This is one of the best ways to transfer knowledge to the student, we learnt such a lot through playing, and not just theories. I learnt how to plan, save, risk, market and distribute my product. This will hopefully help me in starting my own business.

-I learnt that good teamwork gives better and faster results than when we work alone. Also, how supply and demand works, and the importance of planning.

-I learnt the importance of marketing, and the importance of keeping good records of income and expenses . Good planning is essential for a good business.

I always tell the groups that of course with the local language not being my mother-tongue, if I make a mistake that they are allowed to laugh at me, but they then have to tell me why, so I can learn. It is quite tricky getting some of the terminology right for the different economic terms, so I do make mistakes at times, but luckily I made it through this training without any whopping ones!

It really was a great group, and I am so glad that they are now introduced to EKC Ihtus and so they will be coming by for coffee and to hang out. And I look forward to seeing how they continue doing with the businesses some of them started during the practical phase...

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Anonymous said...

My, you all look so professional. Great looking bunch of girls. Love my Bosnian Babes! Love you girlies.

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