Wednesday, February 15, 2012

YWAM conference in London.

I am in England to attend the biennial (i.e. every other year) called the WELC (Western European Leadership Consultation). As I am classified as from the Central European region of Youth with a Mission they invited us who work there to come to the conference and share our stories and network with the (many more) people who work in Western Europe. Just to put things in perspective - this conference which was just for leaders in Western Europe had more people than we have working in the entire Central European region. Central Europe is from Poland to Greece and the former Yugoslavia to Romania, so it covers a vast region, but we have about 150 workers there, where as there are about 1500 in Western Europe. 

It was a great time of catching up with old friends, making new ones and networking with people from across Western Europe. I also really enjoyed getting back to my YWAM roots a bit and remembering why I went to Bosnia in the first place all those years ago. My favourite thing was also when I told people I have been in Bosnia for 11 years: just seeing the expressions on people's faces that someone in a short-term organisation like YWAM has been working in one place for so long!!

On the last day we even had a "speed dating" kind of networking session where each person from Central Europe got to sit with 5-6 people and talk about what they do and what they can offer for 5 minutes, then the bell rang (or in our case the trumpet sounded!) and the group of people moved on to the next person... and so on numerous, I got to share about Bosnia in a small group setting with over 30 people. So, I am really glad I got to be at the conference, and I am hopeful that some good fruit will come out of the conference in the long term.

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