Sunday, February 05, 2012

Snow day in the You-Kay!

So, I didn't really bring all that much snow with me, but it was enough to have some snow-fun! Amy and made a little snowman outside the front of the house: 
This was while James (a chorister at Magdalen College) was practising for the service which Astrid and I went to later. It is pretty cool for him to be part of this choir whose tradition dates back to 1480! Here I am after the service in the college with James in his winter chorister's cape: Looking very staid and well-behaved...
But just moments before, he along with the other choristers were enjoying some of the delights of snow... a snowball fight:
After a lovely lunch, we went up to Blenheim Palace gardens to go sledding... Astrid got a sled for her 40th birthday (in September 2010) and there hadn't been enough snow since then until now! Here she is (James is on THE sled, the others on little hand-held ones) with the kids going for a sled...
And I love this shot of James and Amy in it: (great shot Dave!)
Below is David getting in on the act... me acting as official photographer :-)

And here is a shot of me at the bottom of the hill, after coming down on one of the hand-held "sleds": Proof that I did do some sledding (even if it was just once at the end!!):
We definitely made the most of the snow today!!!

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