Thursday, February 02, 2012

On my way again: UK here I come!

I just got back to Banja Luka two weeks ago, and yet I am already on my way out again tomorrow. Yes, I know: what was I thinking?!! I leave tomorrow for England where I will be attending a YWAM conference next week and visiting my sister and family and other friends for another week, coming back on Shrove Tuesday, the 21st of February. 
It has been two years or even longer since I saw some of these friends, so I am looking forward to catching up (and seeing how big the kids have gotten!). I am also looking forward to going to "warmer" climes as the high has been below freezing for over a week now and looks to continue. Now, I just hope the snow they have been threatening us with for two days will not affect the bus taking me to Zagreb or stop the easyjet plane from taking off tomorrow.

I was debating about taking my laptop along as the battery has died, and so it has to be plugged in (which when travelling is kind of hard). I had the brainwave to look at new batteries on Amazon and found a really reasonably priced one, so took the chance that it would arrive in time and ordered it... and good old "3-5 days delivery" came in 2 days, so it is already there waiting, YAY!

But then Ljilja's comment on this got me thinking: In the UK and elsewhere, they will tell you that it will take longer and you are then pleasantly surprised when it arrives earlier... but here they will say it will take 2 days so you feel good about ordering it and then make excuses if it is late. And this is true of many things here: people tell you what you want to hear to make you feel happier and then make excuses when it doesn't turn out that way in reality.

A classic example is when they don't know the way to somewhere, when you ask them for directions, but they will make up something or pretend that they do just so they can look like they have helped you... A couple of people on my scavenger hunts for new teams have got really lost because someone said "it is just down there" pointing in completely the wrong direction!

Culture is strange, and truth is often relative: other than where it matters... the truth that God created us, loves us and longs to have a relationship with us never changes. It remains true that He sent His Son to this earth to live and die and that we look forward to Easter when we celebrate that He also rose again and lives forever to intercede for us on the right side of the Father in Heaven... that truth never changes no matter what culture we find ourselves in...

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OliveTree said...

Just this afternoon I had what my neighbor called "Bosnian" pastry. (Lots of Turks here have roots in Bosnia...

We have the same thing here about people giving wrong directions to avoid saying, "I can't help you."

Enjoy your time in U.K.!

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