Sunday, February 19, 2012

Newcastle and Cambridge

As I was already coming to the UK for a conference, I decided to visit friends as well: in Newcastle and Cambridge. I flew from Switzerland to Newcastle, where I stayed with old friends Fiona and Rod and their daughter, Megan. I had a great time visiting with them and also spent a day with another friend, Alison. Here are Fiona and I with little "dog" Megan. (We went to a kind of children's museum where they do face-painting!):
Here is a close-up of the little doggie... so cute! 
And here is her impression of me: after I had travelled all day it must be said! Not a bad drawing for a seven-year old!
I then travelled on the bus to the lovely city of Cambridge. I started with my sister in Oxford and ended up in Cambridge - not bad! I was visiting my friends Trevor and Carol, their daughter Anna and their son (who is actually my Godson), Christopher. They are in Cambridge because Trevor is studying to be a Vicar (Church of England)! We had a great weekend: including a punt on the River Cam. The sun came out, so it was very pretty, but it was also pretty chilly. Here is Trevor punting with me and Anna:
 I love this shot of Carol and Christopher:
 Even I gave it a go (admittedly, not for long!)

There were some lovely views along the river: including the famous "bridge of sighs":

And lastly, Carol showing her skills - such a lovely photo of the whole family:
I leave tomorrow to visit some more friends in London and then fly out on Tuesday back to reality!

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