Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When I was learning the local language, I had a couple of language teachers or "uciteljica", but I would call them "muciteljica" which is not really a word in the language, but comes from the word for "torturer" and is quite appropriate at times! I was reminded tonight of that word, as I was now the "muciteljica": I gave my beginners English class a test and although they generally love me, I think I was generally hated tonight... but it has to be done!! I also tried to make sure they couldn't really cheat, by giving different tests to people sitting next to each other...Especially as we were sitting one on top of the other: and even though they tried hard to get me to leave them so they could copy from each other, I wasn't having any of it!

People here do tend to try to cheat more than I am used to: I am reminded of the story from a friend of mine who was teaching English here. She took a local friend and a fellow American along to help her with the invigilating of the test. The local friend saw a girl using a cheat sheet (of irregular verbs) and she just turned a blind eye. The American friend however saw her as well and called the teacher over and the cheat sheet was taken away... The local friend went up to the student afterwards to commiserate with her. But the student assured her that she didn't have to worry about it, as she had two more cheat sheets with her, so she hadn't missed the one taken away!!!

The test is not only to show how much I taught them on the last course, which ended in December - but also to set a benchmark for the one we started tonight, so it was necessary! And I just want to know how much they have learnt (or haven't, depending) and so I did try to stop the cheating as much as I could... I still haven't marked the tests, but am looking forward to how they did...I am pretty sure they did better than they thought!

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OliveTree said...

Wow, cheating! That sounds very familiar. Blessings on your ministry and work as a teacher.

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