Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chinese food

Ljilja and I were invited over for Chinese food at a friend's house today. Unfortunately he had to postpone as they had workmen in the house...(looking forward to it when it does happen!) So, instead, Ljilja and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal at the Banja Luka Chinese/Italian/Bosnian restaurant "Marco Polo". Yes, it is quite clever as it has food from Italy (where Marco Polo is from) and China (where he went) and as it is situated in Bosnia, also has local delicacies. It is far too much choice, but it was easier as we went for the Chinese food: I had sweet and sour chicken and Ljilja had the very spicy chicken (and lots of water) and it was all very good! 

I was reminded of a story of Chinese food that a friend who worked in Romania told me a while back: He took a team of Romanians to a Chinese restaurant to help them have a cross-cultural experience. It turned out the waiter was a friend of one of the Romanians. The Romanians ordered their food and asked the waiter if he could bring them some bread with their meal (in the Balkans, everything is eaten with bread and no one can imagine eating a meal without bread). So he thought that his hopes for a cross cultural experience were completely dashed when the waiter said that of course he would bring them bread... However, he needed to trust the waiter! When the food came, the waiter also brought a bowl of rice, put it on the table and said, "In China, THIS is the bread.". Love it!

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