Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weather or not...

Cape Town:
Mostly Sunny
34° | 19°

28° | 18°

29° | 19°
Banja Luka:
-3° | -6°

-1° | -9°

-3° | -9°

Not complaining, just saying...
Actually I am glad to be back in Banja Luka despite the weather!! I have been catching up with friends and feeling the warmth of their welcome, so that has helped me not really notice the cold.  Besides catching up with work stuff and people, I also managed to go to watch the local "Mr Bean" show at the city theatre and it was very good. Also, last night a group of us went "disco" bowling (a new 10-pin bowling center has opened up in Banja Luka) and had a great time. I managed not to get a gutter ball in the next lane (yip I have managed that in the past!) and got into my rhythm to actually win the second game! I even got over 100, which I have never done... so, I am looking forward to the next session!

Today was spent mostly watching Serbian sports matches (while catching up on admin :-) ) as Novak Djokovic won the Australia open, the water polo team won the Euro Championships and the hand ball team managed to get the silver (almost winning and making it a hat-trick!) in the Euro Championships... All very good matches!!! Not that I usually spend a lot of time watching sport, but with the snow and the minus temps it seemed to be what everyone was doing today! 

So, weather or not, I am making the most of being back on this side of the globe!

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