Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weather or not...

Cape Town:
Mostly Sunny
34° | 19°

28° | 18°

29° | 19°
Banja Luka:
-3° | -6°

-1° | -9°

-3° | -9°

Not complaining, just saying...
Actually I am glad to be back in Banja Luka despite the weather!! I have been catching up with friends and feeling the warmth of their welcome, so that has helped me not really notice the cold.  Besides catching up with work stuff and people, I also managed to go to watch the local "Mr Bean" show at the city theatre and it was very good. Also, last night a group of us went "disco" bowling (a new 10-pin bowling center has opened up in Banja Luka) and had a great time. I managed not to get a gutter ball in the next lane (yip I have managed that in the past!) and got into my rhythm to actually win the second game! I even got over 100, which I have never done... so, I am looking forward to the next session!

Today was spent mostly watching Serbian sports matches (while catching up on admin :-) ) as Novak Djokovic won the Australia open, the water polo team won the Euro Championships and the hand ball team managed to get the silver (almost winning and making it a hat-trick!) in the Euro Championships... All very good matches!!! Not that I usually spend a lot of time watching sport, but with the snow and the minus temps it seemed to be what everyone was doing today! 

So, weather or not, I am making the most of being back on this side of the globe!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last day in Cape Town for a while...

I leave the 30 degree weather to go back to the 30 degree weather in Bosnia... (that is 30C to 30F!) But I am not complaining, I have had a FANTASTIC time while I have been here. Every now and again it hits me that Dad and Mama are not around and I take a moment to remember them (and shed a tear at times)...Also, I have spent most of my time with family and haven't actually seen many people (as I usually do), so I apologise to those of you I didn't get to see at all.

I did get to do a lot of things for the first time: I attended the fantastic Johnny Clegg concert at Kirstenbosch for my aunt's birthday. She also took us up to the revolving restaurant at the top of the Ritz in Seapoint, which was great fun! I attended the Phantom of the Opera with my mom (who has seen it countless times) for the first time and really enjoyed it.

Another first time for me was to go to St James beach (well since I was a kid...) I have been to the beach walking from Muizenberg along the pathway, but not sat on the beach or swam in the tidal pool for about 30 years. It was so nice to do that, and mom and I went a few times together - almost becoming regular features on the beach. It was only after reflecting that I realised that of course 30 years ago it would just have been white people on the apartheid "whites only" beach and so it was nice to enjoy the beach with all of the colours of the rainbow nation that is South Africa...

As usual when going between two places - I go from one "home" to another, and once again realise that I am not going to be HOME until I enter into the eternal rest that is to come...

Friday, January 06, 2012

Cape Town summer...

The definite emphasis of my stay in Cape Town has been having a HOLIDAY and as a result I haven't felt like blogging much: being lazy on a holiday fancy that! I have managed to catch up with some friends which has been nice, but I have spent most of my time hanging with my family.

Here we are on Christmas eve (my niece Amy and nephew James in front, then Mom, me, my sister Astrid, aunt Jan and cousin Lauren):
 Then it was Christmas: time for lots of presents under the tree:
 Followed by a scrumptious meal. We were joined by David's parents:Colleen and Don.
Otherwise, this week my tooth started hurting and I had to have it extracted. It was a baby tooth (I had 3 adult teeth that didn't come in) and so it was mostly filling, and she was afraid it would just fall apart if she started working on it. So, out it came :-( I was wondering whether the tooth fairy would visit me or not. And guess what, she came! My sister even managed to get a picture of her running out of the house:-) and I got R5!! {Yes, I have a whacky family:-)}
Yesterday, with everyone else at the Cricket (South Africa is playing a five day test against Sri Lanka), Mom and I took Amy and her friend Erin to Boulders beach. We used up my free entries (I bought a temporary 12-entry Wild card last year when I was here and it had entries left) to get on and despite a very high tide meaning our towels and everything got wet, we had a lovely day there. The girls enjoyed swimming in the little waves (because of the rocks it is quite protected) and much to the delight of everyone, so did a family of Egyptian geese: (Amy and Erin are on the right in the water):
 The geese even came over to say hello:
 But there were also loads of the usual suspects at Boulders: the African "Jackass" Penguins:
I am so glad I could be here for the holidays and spend quality time with my Mom and family! And of course getting to enjoy a summer in the middle of a Bosnian winter is a bonus as well :-)
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