Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vlasic Mountain

We just spent two days on Vlasic Mountain about 2 hours from Banja Luka, with others from all over Bosnia attending a seminar on "Organisational Sustainability". We also got to enjoy the beautiful surroundings (but there is still no snow ;-( ):
In the hotel where we stayed there was a friendly bear in the lobby, and Ljilja and Natalija took the opportunity to have their picture taken with him: 

It is amazing how much new building has gone on since I was there in 2002 - there was maybe 2 hotels and a few cabins, now there is so many cabins all built right on top of each other - and 6 or 7 hotels! And it is getting quite well known - in fact while we were there John Travolta stopped by for lunch in one of the hotels (but we were inside in our hotel enjoying our seminar, so we missed him totally! Oh well). He was busy travelling to Sarajevo to check it out for a film he will be doing...see here for details!

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