Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Orphanage Book Club prizes...

We had the last Reading Club at the Children's Home on Monday night, and had a great time as usual. I had wanted to give them their "prizes" for reading then, but for various reasons we decided it was better to go tonight. We give them prizes in December and May to keep them interested in reading and this time we even had books to give them, which is of course, appropriate!! Tanja and I took them each a Children's Bible, which were a donation from Mission without Borders; each with a dedication written to the individual child. And as you can see from the photos, they liked their prizes very much!

We went first to Family 2 (which is 12 kids from grade 5-8) as they had all come down to the hallway and wanted their prizes: I did try to get a nice group picture, but they never work!
Giving out the prizes in family 2


Me with Stana

And then they already had to start reading!!
Maja, Dijana and Stana
Brana and Simo

And then we went to Family 1 (which is also 12 children, grade 1-4):
And again they couldn't wait to start reading:
Dragana reading to Sara
Jelena, Dragana and Mira
Mira reading aloud!
Mira with her bible
 And the last picture showing why it is difficult getting group shots! In Family 1:

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