Monday, December 12, 2011

Natalija is visiting!

Our friend, Natalija, from the lovely Croatian island of Hvar has finally come to visit us in Banja Luka. Ljilja and I visited her in 2007 with my friend Cath from South Africa and again last year with Dragana. She asked us whether we wanted to come again this year, and we said we wouldn't come to visit again until she paid us a visit, so we can repay her wonderful hospitality... And so, after many years of saying she will come, it is great that she has finally made it to visit us here!

Yesterday, after picking her up from the bus station, we took her to a lovely lunch at what has become our favourite restaurant to take our guests to in Banja Luka: Stara Ada. During the summer it has a beautiful garden right on the river, but even in winter it is a good bet. It has good food, at fairly reasonable prices and on Saturdays and Sundays during the day, they have live "tamburasi" -which is a local traditional music band, and creates a fantastic atmosphere. Here is Natalija and I with the great pile of meat on the "Ognjiste" plata for TWO (and after 3 of us tried valiantly we still took half of it home ;-):
Today, as I had a lot of errands to run around town, I took Natalija along for a little tour, which she enjoyed despite the mist... Kastel Fortress:
And the main Orthodox church "Christ the Saviour":
I forgot my camera, so the last two are on my phone camera- not too shabby!

Tomorrow we all three go to a seminar on Vlasic mountain (where we are hoping for some snow, but not too sure we will get it) and then we have Friday in Banja Luka, before she goes with me to Zagreb on Saturday when I leave to go to South Africa!

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