Thursday, December 01, 2011

Laura and how to know when you have been in Bosnia too long!

Last week, Laura, one of our Finnish volunteers, was in intense pain on her left side. We took turns taking her to the different doctors while they tried to figured out what was causing the pain. They were able to exclude certain things (she had already had her appendix out!), but weren't able to figure out what was going on... It was my turn when she had to go to the Gynaecologist on Saturday and it was then I realised that I had been in Bosnia for a long time...

She, being a good Finn, who has only been here 3 months, wasn't wearing an undershirt. This is a no-no in Bosnia. You cannot have a bare belly or back, especially the back. Anyway, of course the doctor told me to tell her that she should be wearing one... Now, I must admit that when I first came here, I also pooh-poohed the whole idea and for years went around without an undershirt. And it was on Saturday that I realised that I have been here too long: when I had to explain the undershirt to Laura, the easiest way was to pick up my shirt and show her mine!!! (but seriously, they do make a huge difference. But I am not like the Bosnians who think it is almost sacrilege to not wear one!)

In the end, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her while here, so the insurance company paid for her to be escorted (a doctor came from Finland) back to Finland on Tuesday. She was supposed to leave mid-December, so it was just 3 weeks early. And luckily they did that, because yhere, they did a definitive test and found she did have kidney stones (which they suspected here, but couldn't find with the test they used) and so she is on lots of medicine and hopefully will be fine soon!

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