Saturday, December 10, 2011

6 months...

I can't believe it has been 6 months since my dad passed away in June. It seems like yesterday that I was flying back to Cape Town to be with my mom and my siblings, but yes, 6 months have already passed.
 Even though we lived far apart, we were in constant contact via email and so I catch myself thinking "Oh Dad would have loved that" or "I wish I could have shared that with him". Silly emails, jokes, and even books that he would have loved. So, I have decided to do a little blog entry about some of the things I will remember my Dad by:

The first would definitely be his ability to put great captions to photographs: He also had a computer program which allowed him to add things to photos, and he LOVED to do that to any photos we would send him. Here is a photo of him as a young man, with a fish that he caught: (he was a legend among Cape Town fisherman!):

And on Ljilja and Sina's trip to Cape Town in January 2011, Dad took us on his tour of the Peninsula. Here they are on the Sea Point promenade: 
And with a few more friends (carefully added by Dad!):
 And here is another example of his photo-changing abilities - what models look like with make-up on:)

He also had a bar and a love for all things that go along with that... Here is the first bar in the house where we lived when I was born until age 5: (and by the way he did all the woodwork)

And the one in the house where we lived from my age 5 (and where Mom still lives)... it got a bit out of hand!!! ;-) (and again all the woodwork is his!)
But the main thing I will remember my Dad by are the gadgets that he brought into our lives. He loved anything gadgety, so much so that a roommate of my brother's called him "the Gadget geezer"!

One of his favourite things to do would be to find a unsuspecting person and ask them if they knew what this was:

When they finally figured it out, he would say "and you can keep it" (He used to buy them at the fleamarket for cheap, just so he could do that...). And for those who haven't figured it out: it is a device for slicing apples, and I use mine all the time! 

This next gadget was one of my Dad's favourite party tricks: After dinner he would bring out the penguin toothpick dispenser and offer the guests a toothpick. The penguin bends over and takes the toothpick out of the dispenser below... It is one of the things that I took from Cape Town to bring here so he is now sitting on my fridge here in Bosnia: 
Lastly, he gave me this nifty keylight that fits over your door key and is a led torch which you conveniently carry with you on your bunch of keys. It has come in handy on many occasions and is now a constant reminder of my dad on my set of house-keys here in Bosnia:
In talking with other people who have lost a parent already, I know that I will never stop missing him. There will always be things that remind me of him and the fact that he is no longer here. I am comforted by the fact that Mom is doing ok, and that I am going soon to South Africa to be with my family for Christmas...

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Shilo said...

Such fun and so full of life...what a great heritage he gave you...praying for you and all your family this Christmas! Hugs!

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