Saturday, September 03, 2011

Outing to the Aquarium...

The Children's Home asked us to organise an outing for the pre-school kids as there are only 5 of them, and they don't get to go out like as much as the bigger kids. So, we thought of the Aquarium which is in the Science Faculty's building which happens to be right next to the BIG park so we could go there afterwards.

Here we all are (some of our volunteers brought their kids, so there were 9 children in total) before going into the "Akvarijum":
 The kids really enjoyed the variety of fish and turtles and the one SNAKE (that definitely made an impression!)
After the aquarium, we went to the park: We broke up our time into different activities. First a little snack and drink as it was HOT! And then we played the game "pass the parcel"!
eating our popcorn
Pass the parcel!
I had been given little stuffed toys to give to the Children's Home kids, and I thought that giving them to them using the game "pass the parcel" was the best idea. I made the "parcel" with different layers and each layer had a soft toy. Then the music played and they passed the parcel around until the music stopped and then they had to open one layer and get their present! They had never played it before and they LOVED it!! Soooooo cute! (And it meant each child received a toy randomly, so there was no fighting over whose was better! They were just happy with what they got! )
What have you got Miki?
And let's see what Kristina has?!
Then it was time to go on the little train at the park (they gave it to us for free!)

And then it was time to hang out some more (and have another little snack and a drink!) before heading back to the Children's Home:
Marina and Miki
Gaga with Suzana

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