Saturday, September 10, 2011

Concert "Rock Against Drugs"

At EKC "IHTUS" we had a concert "Rock Against Drugs" in co-operation with local anti-drug organisation "Viktorija". Here is one of their banners: ("Say no to drugs! Choose life!")
Luka and Andreja with two of Viktorija's posters explaining the dangers of drugs:
Here is Ljilja with three of their staff: Ivan, Srdan and Tamara, and their information-stand in front of Ihtus: During the concert, Tamara said a few words about their organisation while the bands were changing over. We are very happy to work with this organisation which not only does "anti-drug" propaganda in schools, and has a advice-call centre for people who need help, but also has two communes where people can go to get off drugs.
There were 3 bands at the concert: "The High End" from Banja Luka: Contemporary Pop covers in English and the local language:
"Gilgal" which is partly English (Matt, the singer-guitarist and his wife, Rowan) and part Bosnian (the drummer, Budo) and they are all from Jajce. They sing English pop-punk with a bit of rock on the side. Covers and original songs. Extremely good band and we all enjoyed listening to them...
And last but not least, our Finnish band "The Relief" who sang a few songs for us in Finnish: Laura, Rami and Miika: Rami sang one of his original songs as did Miika, very well I might add!
There were over 70 people who came to the concert, which was less than we had hoped for, but as there was a concert at the Kastel of a famous band "Yu-grupa" we were happy with that number.
Budo is a phenomenal drummer and it was worth it just to listen to him: He did, however, attract some unwanted attention: two neighbourhood ladies came over to see what all the "noise" was about. I started talking to them about the reason for the concert and showed them around the centre. In the end they stayed and watched some of the concert, and are even going to donate some books for the library!
I did manage to get this fantastic shot of Lauri (the Fida regional coordinator) who was pretending to play along with Gilgal while they were jamming outside! (He and his wife Anne were visiting us to meet with the new Finns who have arrived to work with Fida).
It was a really great night, hanging out with old friends and contacts and making new ones, and enjoying a variety of music styles at the same time... all with the aim of promoting awareness of the dangers of drugs! Well done to Rami and Ljilja and everyone for organising a great evening!

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