Friday, September 23, 2011

Child Protection Seminar

This week we have been hosting a Fida seminar on their Child Sponsorship program and Child Protection at EKC Ihtus. We had Fida workers from Tuzla and Prijedor join us, and the seminar was run by 3 Fida staff from Finland. Sina, who is the Child Sponsorship Coordinator and our good friend (she visited me with my roommate, Ljilja, in South Africa in January) along with Päivi and Nelli who both have lots of experience with children at risk and child protection. We really learnt a lot from all 3 of them. And now we are working towards forming a proper Child Protection Policy for our organisation.

Here are most of us who were in the seminar on the last day:

It is sad that we even have to have such a policy, but nowadays it is better to be safe rather than sorry. And partly this workshop was helping us to get motivated to make such a policy, so we can protect the children in our work at the Children's Home and sponsorship project.

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