Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bookie Club...

With the start of the new school year, we started up the Book Club at the Children's Home. I know they have been missing us and this was confirmed when one of the kids came running up as we arrived and asked excitedly "are you here to have bookie club?" :-)

We have a great group of volunteers that help - including the lovely Tanja who helps a LOT (especially when I am not around). As usual we spent time with kids going through books that they had read. Tonight we drew pictures of the start, middle and end of the books they had read. Although we haven't been coming to do the book club, we have been making sure they go to the library so they can be reading... Once we got them settled down and working with them, I got some really cute pictures: Here is Tanja with Zlatko:
Suzana with little Dasa:
 And these two look made for each other! Jovana with little Gaga:
I was mostly working with the older boys (who HATE having their photo taken), so once they were done I took the opportunity to work a bit with the younger girls and have my photo taken with them... Dasa, Jelena, Mira and Danijela...
And I love this photo of Mira and Danijela - with their books!
The kids are all reading and enjoying their books... making what we do worthwhile!

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