Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It is HOT!

So, what has been going on in Banja Luka the last little while? My BIG news is that I got my "rjesenje" or 'approval' which means my visa was renewed for another year! YAY!

In other news, it has been hot here and will continue to be so for the next week or so... For Americans: the temps are all over 100°F except for Sunday...fun, fun, fun!
Otherwise nothing much else to report - hanging out at EKC Ihtus (we are open 4 days a week), keeping myself out of mischief (and the heat!) with a LOT of admin stuff: setting up things for the coming busy season which starts in September... so busy, but nothing really blog-worthy!

1 comment:

Going Dutch said...

Please send us some of your warm weather! We have had nothing but rain and only ~18C with the occasional max of 22C! Summer has passed us by this year =(

Yay for your visa being extended =)

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