Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creative Workshop at the Children's Home

The children at the Home are now all back from Italy or the sea and don't have much to do to keep them busy. So, we took some materials and held a little workshop for the younger kids: Here are half of them - sitting so nicely (well for now!) and doing what??
They were making fish out of tissue paper!! And I learnt a new word "krljuĊĦt" - now you try and pronounce that! It needs a couple more vowels in there somewhere... It means "fish scale" and that is what we were making with the tissue paper!

And if you can't do it yourself, there is always a helping hand:
Eliska helping Luka
Tanja helping Danijela
 Showing our finished results: Every fish completely different!
Dijana and Dragana:
We then made butterflies using our hands for the wings... And so happy with the results...



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