Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I was walking in my neighbourhood the other day and spotted a lover's heart and then realised that it made sense in Latin script as "CABO and AHA". For those of you who haven't guessed yet, this is actually "SAVO and ANA" in the Cyrillic script, which makes more sense...

I still remember when I saw signs saying "PECTOPAH" and thought that was just a Bosnian word I hadn't learnt yet... it was a while before I realised that it was "RESTORAN" in Cyrillic! It is more tricky when there isn't an obvious "Cyrillic" letter like "Ш" оr "Ж" in the word. So, my colleagues in Zenica when visiting Banja Luka for the first time were wondering where "CAPAJEBO" was... (Sarajevo!)

Luckily I do ok in Cyrillic- I can read it, but just not majorly fast, like at a 2nd or 3rd grade level! I still have to spell out letter by letter at times. I have been reading with the 2nd graders in the Book Club at the orphanage, so I know that I am at least a little better than them!! ;-)

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