Friday, July 22, 2011

Visa Extension Application = DONE!

This morning I went and handed in all the papers needed to extend my visa (at least I hope so - they said they would call if I need to bring anything else!!) . Last year I took a picture of all the papers involved: which you can see here. I got away with "only" paying 160KM (R800 or $120) in total this year as I didn't have to do some of the medical tests (HIV test and chest x-ray as I did them last year) and they don't make you certify all the copies of everything anymore...

One fun story from this year happened when I went to get my doctor's check. The nurse filling out the form asked me "what is your date of birth" and I said "3.6.1974" and she wrote down "3.6.1984"!!!! What a nice compliment! And actually that is about how old I feel, so she wasn't too far wrong :-) But I think she had a problem with her hearing as she wrote my dad's name as "Roland" not "Ronald"... ok, here 'Ronald' is unusual, but still!  

(why do they need my dad's name you ask? It is because here on forms they write "your name (your dad's name) your surname" like "Jelena (Milan) Grbic" so you know which "Jelena Grbic" it is...)

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