Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taste of Australia...

Elisabeth is with us from Melbourne, Australia, for 10 days. She was coming for a friend's wedding in Switzerland and as she was already coming so far decided to stay on and travel a bit. She had always wanted to see Bosnia, so she found me online and asked if we could use her help...and so here she is! One of the things we had her do is make "heaps" of food (with me helping a little bit!) and have a "Taste of Australia" night at the Ihtus Centre.

With a little bit of ingenuity and blue balloons and printed out flags, we even managed to make things quite festive: Here she is before everyone arrived!
We started off with some "pinwheel pizzas" and "sausage rolls" and just hanging out...
This was followed by a fun Australian "musical statues" type game. We don't have any photos of that: which is probably just as well as you had to make poses of different Australian animals (like Wombat, Kangaroo, Crocodile, etc) and so it was very fun, but not really wanting to embarrass people for posterity on my blog :-)

After the game we got into groups and had a quiz on Aussie slang (do you know what a "chook" is for instance?) and geography... (what is the population of Australia?)
The last question was "What dessert is made out of meringue, cream and fruit?" and the options were "Cream Fruit pie", "Pavlova" and "Kasaloopa" and only one team got it right - the others thought it was "Kasaloopa" (which is something I made up for that purpose, but now inventive Liz wants to make a desert to go with the name ;-) )

And then we got to watch her finishing off the PAVLOVA...
 And we all enjoyed it very much:)
Ljilja with Maks and his mom, Natasha
Alen enjoying the "Pav"

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