Sunday, July 10, 2011

One lovely blog

My friend Nicole gave me this lovely award a couple of weeks ago on her blog. Thanks Nicole! It is lovely to be appreciated...And I really appreciate your and Graeme's friendship over the years. It was great to see you 2 weeks ago in Cape Town, despite the circumstances. And who will forget the lovely trip you had to visit me here in Bosnia with 9 month old, Janel, in 2006

Now in order to participate in this, I have to
1) Choose five other people who deserve it and pass the awards along
2) Regale you all with seven random facts about me
3) Let the people that I give the awards to know
4) Thank the person who gave me the award (done!)

So, 5 other people: My friend Shilo in the US, who is usually in Paraguay, but is back in the US on medical leave; Miranda usually in SA, but returned recently for a year in the UK; Barbara who is from the UK, but is working in Spain; my friend Taryn in South Africa, who writes wonderfully about her lovely family and amongst other things her homeschooling endeavours and Bronwen a new transplant from SA in Holland. So, a wide varied bunch of people and places, but all of them writing "lovely blogs" worthy of this award! 

Now, seven random facts about me: 
1) I just defrosted the freezer because it is 38°C (100°F) outside today and I figured it would cool me down. And it did! And it REALLY needed doing, so am glad I had the motivation to get it done to cool me down ;-) What you do when you don't have air-con!

2) As you will know if you read my blog, I recently went back to South Africa as my father passed away. It was the first time I was in South Africa in winter since 2000 as I usually go in summer (which is winter here). It was fun to enjoy a few lovely winter's days: clear, crisp, windless... beautiful. It wasn't as fun 'enjoying' the storms that came through and the cold without heating, but I guess the good made up for the bad! 

3) I play the guitar, having taught myself in high school. I also play the piano (a lot less well) - after a couple of years of lessons in primary school.

4) I am reading a great book right now called "God knows my name" by Beth Redman (wife of Matt) who wrote "Blessed be your name" with Matt. And right now I am enjoying that song as well: It is true that in the good times and the bad, the best thing to do is to bless the Lord. During sad times, looking inward makes you pity yourself, looking upwards means you have hope that things will get better and gets the focus off of yourself... 

5) I have been playing scrabble over the internet with my friend, Nils, in South Africa, since 1999. We used to do it by email, but then the program we used got to old and we couldn't use it. Now we play it on Facebook.

6) I am one quarter Polish - my mom's dad was from Poland and he and my gran travelled to South Africa from England (where they met during the Second World War) with my 3-year-old mom in 1949. I wonder if my success in learning this Slavic language is because somewhere my brain is wired in the right way? Who knows??

7) I love butternut. It is one of the things I miss from South Africa. So, the past few years I have had some of my friends grow it into their gardens for me (I would do it myself, but I think my landlady would have a conniption!).

Ok, folks that's it... hope you enjoyed this One Lovely Blog post... 

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