Monday, July 18, 2011

European Championship in Kayak and Canoe

This past week we had the European Championship in Kayak and Canoe in the "Kanjon" outside Banja Luka, this is the same place where some of the World Rafting Championships were held in 2009. Here is pic of the river during the competition (thanks to Mara from whom I "borrowed" the photos!) 
Some of our friends are part of the Bosnian women's rafting team and they asked if some of the Serbian rafting team would be able to stay over at our house. They weren't taking part, just coming to meet up with people in the rafting/kayak/canoe world. Everything was so booked up in Banja Luka as there were over 1000 people taking part or coming to watch. The four girls stayed over on Wednesday night and then went and stayed nearer the competition, but didn't have a place to stay last night, so came to stay over here again. It was just lucky that Ljilja is in Finland so that we had space for all of them... They are so sweet and now I have four places to stay in Belgrade!
Mara, Mila, me, Mirna, Milica and Suza at the opening ceremony/concert
Yesterday, I went with Mirna (who is one of the Bosnian rafting team) and some others to try and see some of the competition, but it finished early, so I missed it! But not to worry, we hung out at the river and made a day of it anyway... and it was actually maybe nicer, getting to relax and hang out and have a great afternoon with fun people!

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