Friday, June 03, 2011

Fun week with the team...

It has been a good week with the team from YWAM Constanta. We have done a lot of different things... Some I have pictures of and others not so much. But here is a taster:

We went to a Roma ("gypsy") Village where we played with the kids and had a good time. The team did a drama and also talked to the people: Their language is originally Romanian and so they could understand a lot of what the Romanians were saying! It was really fun!
At the village, we also gave out some humanitarian aid, including some toys that we had: Here is little Lejla with her new Barney: Totally matches her outfit!
We also had a lot of fun at the English Class this week: one of the activities was the blindfold obstacle race: We who were blind folded had to listen for our partner's voice as they all directed at the same time: chaos but also good fun! 

For the orphanage book club this week I read Max Lucado's "You are Special" in the local language while the team acted out the story...  
Afterwards I tried to take a decent photo with the 3 boys from the club, and even after trying over 10 times and eventually bribing them, I only got a decent one with two of them: Simo and David! But I love these kids anyway!! 

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