Monday, June 06, 2011


On Saturday, after playing with all of the younger kids at the orphanage, the team and I went bowling with 7 of the older boys. I didn't even know there was bowling in Banja Luka, until the team asked if they could go with the older kids...and I did a bit of investigation and found out about this place. It isn't the game I am used to, which is the American 10-pin, but instead is a game that is played primarily here in Europe with 9-pins and a smaller bowling ball. It was still really fun! This is what it looks like:

Here is the whole group afterwards:
One of the kids that came with is one of my old-timers, Momir: He is now 13, but I got to know him when he was 9! Here he is showing us how it is done:
And here he is 3 years ago when we with the Dutch Go team at the orphanage in 2008:
Still just as cute!!

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